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Fundamentals of Visual Studio.NET 2008 .NET 3.5

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This is an introductory class that drills down into the internal workings of Visual Studio 2008 to help students get the most out of its features, wizards, editors, and project-management capabilities. Students will learn how to maximize their productivity for any project, no matter where they are in the development cycle.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Design and set up projects and solutions
  • Examine the many wizards designed to ease development
  • Customize the many tools inside VS 2008
  • Use the powerful source-level debugger to debug Windows and Web applications, as well as Web Services


661 Intermediate .NET Programming using VB.NET and C#

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Visual Studio .NET

    • What is Visual Studio .NET, and is it required to write .NET and ASP.NET applications?
    • The Integrated Development Environment
    • Working with Solutions and Projects
    • Documentation
    • Debugging and Diagnostics
    • Exercise 1: Processing Form Submission and Working with asp:label in VS.NET
    • Exercise 2: Setting a Breakpoint and Inspecting Server Values
  • Creating a Simple Web Application

    • Understanding Web Applications
    • Understanding Web Forms and Events
    • Exercise 3: Creating a Simple Web Application
  • Creating a Simple Windows Application

    • Understanding Windows Applications
    • Understanding Windows Forms and Events
    • Exercise 4: Creating a Simple Windows Application
  • Setting Up Course Exercise Solutions

    • Create a Blank Solution
  • The IDE Interface

    • Overview of the IDE
    • Windows
    • Toolbars and Menus
    • Customizing the Interface
    • Editors
    • Exercise 5: Customize the IDE Interface
  • Working with Solutions and Projects

    • Solution and Project Model
    • Creating Solutions and Projects
    • Solution Properties
    • Project Languages and Properties
    • Project Output Types
    • Project References and Dependencies
    • Build Configurations
    • Exercise 6: Web Application Project
  • Documentation and Help in the IDE

    • Context Sensitive Help
    • The Help Menu and Help Windows
  • Advanced Debugging in VS.NET

    • Debugging in the Solution
    • Debugger Windows
    • Advanced Breakpoints
    • The Debug Object and Standard Output
    • Exercise 7: Using Advanced Debugging Features
  • Building and Coding User Interfaces

    • The Windows Form Editor
    • Exercise 8: Building a Form
    • A Possible Solution to Exercise
    • The Web Form Editor
    • Exercise 9: Building a Web Form
  • VS.NET Macros

    • Example: Recording and Saving a Macro
    • The Macro Explorer and the Macro IDE
    • Recording and Saving Macros
    • Invoking Macros from Buttons, Menus, and the Keyboard
    • Putting it All Together
    • Exercise 10: Recording a Macro to Setup Method Comments
    • VS.NET Object Model
    • Exercise 11: Create a Command Execution Shortcut
  • Deployment

    • Overview of Deployment in .NET
    • VS.NET Build Configurations
    • Copying a Web Application
    • Creating a Web Setup Project
    • Exercise 12: Deploying a Different Web.config
  • Advanced: Deployment Settings Using Conditional Compilation With Compile-

    • Time Constants
    • Compile-Time Compilation Constants
    • Use Build Configurations In Your Projects
    • Suggested Build Configuration Model
    • Example: Using Bulid Configuration Settings to Show and Hide Controls
    • Exercise 13: Using a BuildKey to Conditionally Retrieve Configuration Settings
    • Exercise 14: Creating a Setup Project and Deploying a Web Application