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Windows Workflow Foundation using VB.NET and C# .NET 3.5

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is a .NET 3.5 technology that allows developers to define, execute, and manage workflows.

In this hands-on training course, students are introduced to best practices for developing Windows Workflow Foundation (Windows WF) applications. They will learn why Windows WF was created and discover how to support human and system activities by organizing them into workflows.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Design flow activities
  • Make decisions in workflows
  • Implement workflow communications
  • Create state machine workflows
  • Build and use persistence services
  • Build and use tracking services
  • Create custom activities
  • Handle workflow transactions
  • Implement dynamic workflow updates
  • Build and invoke workflow web services


Prior programming experience in at least one object-oriented language such as a .NET language (e.g., C#, VB.NET), Java, or C++. Experience with the .NET framework a plus.

Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • What is Windows Workflow Foundation?
    • Creating Your First Workflow
    • Hosting a Workflow in a Windows Application
  • Handling Conditions and Exceptions

    • Introducing Conditional Activities
    • If/Else Activity
    • Conditioned Activity Group Activity
    • While Activity
    • Using a Custom Activity
    • Handling Exceptions
  • Flow Activities

    • Introducing Flow Activities
    • Delay Activity and Handling Properties
    • Listen Activity
    • Suspend and Terminate Activities
    • Parallel and Synchronize Scope Activities
    • Handling Cancellation
  • Making Decisions in Workflows

    • Using Rules in Workflows
    • Using the Policy Activity
    • Setting Priorities
    • Forward Chaining
    • Modifying Rules at Runtime
  • Workflow Communications

    • Calling Methods in the Host from the Workflow
    • Handling Host Events in the Workflow
    • Bi-Directional Communications
  • Creating State Machine Workflows

    • Introduction to State Machines
    • State Machine Activities
    • Create a State Machine Workflow
    • Circular Navigation in State Machines
    • Interact with the State Machine
    • Handling Events Outside of States
  • Using and Building Persistence Services

    • Introducing Workflow Persistence
    • Using the SQL Persistence Service
    • Creating a Custom Persistence Service
  • Using and Building Tracking Services

    • Workflow Tracking Services
    • Using the SQL Tracking Service
    • Tracking Profiles
    • Creating a Custom Tracking Service
  • Creating Custom Activities

    • Introducing Custom Activities
    • Creating a Simple Activity
    • Creating a More Complex Activity
    • Creating Composite Activities
  • Handling Workflow Transactions

    • Transactions
    • Transactions in Workflows
    • Transactions and Batches of Work
    • Compensation in Workflows
  • Dynamic Workflow Updates

    • Introduction to Dynamic Updates
    • Modifying a Workflow from the Host Application
    • Modifying a Workflow from within the Workflow
    • Dynamic Rule Conditions
  • Workflows and Web Services

    • Workflow-Based Web Services
    • Build a Workflow Web Service
    • Maintaining State in Web Services
    • Invoke a Web Service in a Workflow