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Understanding & Evaluating Web Content Management Systems (175)

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This course will provide the user with information needed to choose and implement a CMS solution, and teach best practices in a CMS implementation. Additionally, students will have a chance take an existing site and experience the steps needed to move that site into a CMS system. Finally, the students will be given a hands-on tour of existing CMS products, and be provided the opportunity to actually use several CMS products to see their benefits and limitations.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Be conversant in the language of content management
  • Be able to evaluate the merits of various Content Management Systems (CMSs) based on your company's needs
  • Understand the cost of installing and maintaining a CMS (Why free isn't always free and expensive can sometimes save money!)
  • Be aware of the limitations of CMSs
  • Know how to prototype a site around a CMS
  • Be aware of how to gear your site (and your staff!) to a CMS implementation
  • Be familiar with the best practices in CMS implementation
  • Know the 6 most common CMS pitfalls
  • Understand how to estimate the costs and ROI of a CMS implementation


Students should be comfortable using the Internet
Basic knowledge of Information Architecture is useful but not required

Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • Introduction: Purpose of the class
    • What is a Content Management System?
    • A Brief History of the Web (and its devolution into chaos)
  • Common features of a Content Management System

    • Feature: Content Owners can publish content to the web
    • Feature: Content Publishing can be controlled through a workflow
    • Feature: Versioning and rollback
    • Feature: Timed deployment and expiration of content
    • Feature: Templating
    • Example: TeamSite Templating
    • The Document Capture Template (DCT)
    • The document content record (DCR)
    • Separating design from content
    • Benefits of css
    • Html + css
    • Example: css Zen Garden
    • Understanding xml
  • Understanding your needs for a content management system

    • Type of site
    • Portals
    • Article sites
    • Semi Static Sites
    • Collaborative Environments
    • Functionality
    • RSS 1.0
    • RSS 2.0
    • eCommerce modules
    • Layout and maintenance
    • Summary
    • Cost (why free isnít always free and expensive can sometimes be cheap)
    • The high end solutions
    • Open-sourced solution
  • 6 common pitfalls in selecting a CMS

    • Buy-in
    • Example: Human Resources Web Publishing
    • Architecture (planning)
    • Business Case
    • Understanding level of work
    • Training
    • Poor Migration Strategy
  • Building a business case for CMS

    • Reduction in IT costs
    • Repurposing of content
    • Decrease in delivery time of content
    • Increased control of content by content authors
    • Increased control of scope and growth of web development
    • Standardization of content look and feel
    • Reduction in training costs
  • Cost estimating

    • Exercise: ROI estimation
  • Best practices in CMS implementation - CMS Systems

    • Documentum
    • A tour of Documentum
    • Teamsite
    • A tour of TeamSite
    • Drupal
    • General features
    • User management
    • Content management
    • Blogging
    • Platform
    • Administration and analysis
    • Community features
    • Performance and scalability
    • Hands on with Drupal
    • Logging in to Drupal
    • Plone and Zope
    • Hands on with Plone
    • ICOYA
    • Postnuke
    • WebGUI
  • Macromedia Contribute Resources:

    • Open Source CMS
    • CMS Matrix
    • CMS Info
    • CMS Watch
  • Exercises

    • Exercise 1. Feature requirements analysis
    • Exercise 2. Type of site
    • Exercise 3. Additional requirements