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Introduction to C# Programming with .NET 

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Microsoft's C# language was designed to be a simple, type-safe, general purpose object-oriented language. Its syntax borrows heavily from C++ and many of its features are reminiscent of those found in Java. C# programs are typically written within the Visual Studio IDE and run within the Microsoft .NET platform.

In this five-day instructor-led course, you will learn the fundamental skills to design and develop object-oriented applications for the Web and Windows by using Microsoft Visual C# , .NET and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment. This course provides an alternative entry point for less experienced programmers who are not familiar with object-oriented design and programming with Windows of the Web.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Implement programs using the C# language, Visual Studio, and classes from the .NET Framework.
  • Understand Object Oriented Programming
  • Retrieve and manipulate data from multiple data sources
  • Implement simple GUI programs using Windows Forms


Familiarity and comfort with basic operating system functions such as file manipulation. Understanding of the basics of structured programming, including concepts such as flow control, variables and parameters, and function calls. At least three months experience developing applications in either a graphical or non-graphical environment, or equivalent knowledge

Course Outline

  • Getting Started

    • Introduction to .NET and the .NET Framework
    • Exploring Visual Studio .NET
    • Creating a Windows Application Project
  • Creating Objects in C#

    • Defining a Class
    • Declaring Methods
    • Using Constructors
    • Using Static Class Member
  • Programming with C#

    • Using Arrays
    • Using Collections
    • Using Interfaces
    • Using Exception Handling
    • Using Delegates and Events
  • Using ADO.NET to Access Data

    • ADO.NET Architecture
    • Creating an Application that uses ADO.NET to Access Data
    • Changing Database Records
  • Understanding C# Language Fundamentals

    • Understanding the Fundamentals of a C# Program
    • Using C# Predefined Types
    • Writing Expressions
    • Creating Conditional Statements
    • Creating Iteration Statements
  • Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Techniques in C#

    • Designing Objects
    • Using Inheritance
    • Using Polymorphism
  • Building .NET-based Applications with C#

    • Examining the .NET Framework Class Library
    • Overriding Methods from System.Object
    • Formatting Strings and Numbers
    • Using Streams and Files
  • Creating Windows-based Applications

    • Creating the Main Menu
    • Creating and Using Common Dialog Boxes
    • Creating and Using Custom Dialog Boxes
    • Creating and Using Toolbars
    • Creating the Status Bar
    • Creating and Using Combo Boxes
  • Using XML Web Services in a C# Program

    • Consuming an XML Web Service
    • Building an XML Web Service
  • Application Settings and Deployment

    • Working with Application Settings
    • Deploying Applications
  • Creating a Web Application with Web Forms

    • Creating a Web Forms Application
    • Accessing Data by Using a Web Forms Application
    • Configuring ASP .NET Application Settings
  • Exploring Future Learning

    • Exploring Additional Features of C#