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Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services for Managers

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This instructor-led SOA training course is designed for senior Stakeholders including Business Managers, Business Analysts and senior IT Managers and Architects. Learn how this new paradigm can help you engineer large-scale, service based applications efficiently, and design systems than can grow, change, and scale. Also learn about implementation strategies with Web Services, the innovative new technology that makes SOA possible. By coupling open, XML-based standards with existing Internet communication protocols, Web Services allow developers to create and consume services regardless of location, implementation, or platform. Learn how you can leverage SOA and Web Services for new and legacy application development!

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of a Service Oriented Architecture model
  • Learn what a service is, from both a business and an IT perspective
  • Understand Service Oriented Analysis and Design (SOA/D), and how it compares and contrasts to OOA/D
  • Learn implementation strategies leveraging Web Services
  • Understand possible future directions for SOA


Comfortable using the Internet; a basic knowledge of Information Architecture is useful but not required

Course Outline

  • History of Service Oriented Architecture

    • History of distributed programming
    • Challenges with traditional distributed programming
    • Overview of Service-based solutions
    • Types of Service Oriented Architectures
  • SOA Principles

    • SOA Principles
    • Terminologies and Technologies
      • Definitions: SOA, BPM, Web Services
    • Interoperability and applicability
      • Essential SOA & BPM Components to Achieve Agility
      • New infrastructure & application development paradigm
      • Change Management
      • Maturity Model
    • Infrastructure components and tools
  • Working with SOA

    • Key decisions, motivations, and risks
      • Driver for business and IT agility
      • I have to learn another new paradigm?
    • SOA or Web Services: Making the right choice
    • Design considerations: Contract-First
    • SOA development life-cycles
    • Critical Success Factors
      • Governance
    • ROI