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J2EE Patterns and Design Patterns

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This course explores Object-Oriented Design Principles and Design Patterns. Students will learn about fundamental object-oriented design concepts and design principles that are essential for successful development of robust J2EE applications. The course covers all major Gang of Four Patterns from the categories: Behavioral patterns, Creational patterns and Structural Patterns. Understanding these patterns is critical to the effective use of J2EE patterns and valuable in the design of any object-oriented system. The course will address good architectural practices such as MVC, Layers, and Tiers.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Select an appropriate Gang of Four or J2EE pattern to solve a specific problem.
  • Apply a Gang of Four or J2EE pattern to an architecture and implementation.
  • Design and implement more effective J2EE applications.


900 PB Tech Capstone Series: Java Developer

Or equivalent experience working with Java and JavaServer Pages(JSP).

Course Outline

  • Intro and Categories

    • Introduction to Design Patterns
    • Categories of Patterns
  • Creational Patterns

    • Abstract Factory
    • Builder
    • Factory method
    • Singleton
  • Structural Patterns

    • Adapter
    • Bridge
    • Composite
    • Decorator
    • Fašade
    • Flyweight
    • Proxy
  • Behavioral Patterns

    • Command
    • Iterator
    • Mediator
    • Memento
    • Observer
    • State
    • Strategy
  • J2EE Patterns

    • Introduction to J2Ee Patterns
    • Difference between J2EE Patterns and Design Patterns
  • Integration Tier Patterns

    • Service Activator Pattern
    • Data Access Object Pattern
    • Web Service broker Pattern
  • Presentation to Business Tier Patterns

    • Service Locator
    • Session Fašade
    • Business Delegate
    • Transfer Object
  • Intra-Business Tier Patterns

    • Application Service
    • Business Object
    • Transfer Object Assembler
    • Composite Entity
    • Value List Handler
  • Presentation Tier Patterns

    • Model 2 Architecture
    • Intercepting Filter
    • Front Controller
    • Application Controller
  • Anti Patterns

    • Anti Patterns in Integration Tier, Business Tier and Presentation Tiers