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Working with Spring and Hibernate

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The Spring Framework is an open source Java / J2EE application framework. It offers developers greater flexibility and provides an alternative to Enterprise Java Beans. In this course, Java developers will learn how to work with Spring to build high-performance applications while reducing development time. They will also learn to work with Hibernate to develop object oriented persistent classes and to leverage Hibernate’s data query and retrieval facilities.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand the scope, purpose, and architecture of Spring
  • Use Spring's Inversion of Control to declare application components, rather than hard-coding their states and lifecycles
  • Use Dependency Injection to further control object relationships from outside the Java code base
  • Create validators for business objects, and associate them for application-level and unit-testing uses
  • Build a Web application as a Spring DispatcherServlet and associated application context, with declared beans acting as controllers, command objects, and view resolvers
  • Build and manage HTML forms with Spring command objects and custom tags
  • Use Spring interceptors to implement horizontal features in the Web application
  • Connect business objects to persistent stores using Spring's DAO and ORM modules
  • Understand Hibernate as an ORM tools
  • Use Hibernate in conjunction with Spring


900 PB Tech Capstone Series: Java Developer

Or equivalent experience working with Java, JavaServer Pages(JSP), Servlets and have a basic knowledge of XML and JDBC.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Spring and Hibernate

    • Introduction
    • Preparing for Spring and Hibernate Environment
  • Learning Injection mechanism

    • Dependency Injection
    • Constructor Collection
    • Inheritance Lifecycle
  • Aspect Oriented Programming

    • Aspect Oriented Programming and Spring Interceptors
  • Database Connectivity

    • Java Database Connectivity through Spring
    • Using DAOs through Spring
  • Remote calling

    • Using WebServices with Spring
    • Remote Procedure calls through Spring
  • Hibernate

    • Hibernate (Standalone)
    • Hibernate Associations
    • Spring Hibernate Transactions
  • Spring MVC

    • Working with Forms
    • The Command Pattern
    • Command Objects
    • Command Controllers
    • SimpleFormController
    • Declaring Command Objects
    • The Template Method Pattern
    • Data Binding
    • Spring Custom Tags
    • Spring Form Tags
    • Request Lifecycle
    • Validation
    • Error Handling
    • Input Validation
    • The Validation Interface
    • The Errors Interface
    • Handling Errors
    • Reporting Errors
    • Highlighting Errors