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Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD)

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This OOAD Capstone is a five day course that teaches students the fundamentals of object oriented analysis and design process, using Unified Modelling Language as the diagramming technique. The course utilizes a project-focused scenario where students work through the object oriented analysis and design process in the context of a web-based enterprise application.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand key Object Oriented concepts like class and object, encapsulation, abstraction
  • Work with OOAD processes, including the Rational Unified Process
  • Work with key UML diagrams like class, sequence, package, and activity


Students should have exposure to writing software applications.

Course Outline

  • Complex System Development

    • Advent of Complex Systems
    • Complex System Characteristics
    • Building Complex Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming

    • History of OO Programming
    • Principles of OO Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Inheritance Best Practices
  • Modelling Complex Systems

    • Steps to Modelling complex systems
    • Software Development Lifecycles
    • Software Engineering Process
  • Introduction to Unified Software Process

    • History of USP
    • USP Workflows
    • USP Phases
    • Instances of USP
  • Unified Modelling Language

    • History of UML
    • Key UML Concepts
    • Class diagrams
    • Deployment diagrams
    • Package diagrams
    • Activity diagrams
    • Sequence diagrams
  • Modeling Approaches

    • UML Modelling approaches
    • UML Centric approach
    • USP Approach
    • Architectural Approach
  • Project (lab)

    • Project description
    • Project deliverable definitions
    • Project review