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Agile Project Management:  Manage your Projects for Agility!


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This instructor-led Agile Project Management training course is designed to help Managers and Project Managers decide which project management practices from the Agile methods will be appropriate for their projects. Training is a virtual, live, instructor-led course, complete with exercises, colleague collaboration, and one-on-one interaction with the instructor through over-the-phone conferencing, chat, screen-sharing, and whiteboard.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand the philosophies and principles behind Agile Methods
  • Examine the project management practices of the most widely recognized Agile Methods
  • Identify the benefits that each practice might bring to a project
  • Determine how to implement those high-value practices on projects
  • Use an Excel workbook to analyze observations and draw conclusions
  • Develop an action plan for adopting agile project management practices


Experience managing or participating in a software development project.

Course Outline

  • Managing for Agility - Day 1

    • Introducing the Agile Methods
    • Project Management in Adaptive Software Development
    • Project Management in Dynamic Systems Development Method
    • Project Management in eXtreme Programming
  • Managing for Agility - Day 2

    • Project Management in Feature-Driven Development
    • Project Management in Lean Software Development
    • Project Management in Scrum
    • Consolidating your observations
    • Developing an action plan