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Search Engine Optimization

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You've built a Web site, but will anyone visit? Search Engine Optimization is the key to obtaining a constant flow of visitors. In fact, search engine optimization is absolutely vital to your online marketing success. This Web 2.0 training course will teach you tips and techniques for increasing traffic to your site.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand what Search Engine Optimization is
  • Determine your site's current SEO technical shortfalls
  • Be familiar with SEO copywriting tips and tricks
  • Understand how to implement Blogs and Video for SEO advantage
  • Be familiar with ways to measure and manage for SEO success


Familiarity with the Internet.

Course Outline

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- What is it?

  • Determining Your Site's Current SEO Technical Shortfalls

  • Google, Yahoo and MSN: Learn the 7 SEO Requirements for Blended Search

  • Mapping Out a Winning SEO Strategy

  • How to Conduct Keyword Research

  • Ways to Rework Your Site's Architecture for SEO

  • How to Connect Keywords to Your Website

  • Title Tags, Site Maps and Other Ways to Gain Improved Search Engine Indexing

  • SEO Copywriting Tips and Tricks

  • Implementing Blogs for SEO Advantage

  • Importance of Links, Publicity and Social Media

  • How to Use Video for SEO Improvement

  • How to Use Video for SEO Improvement