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Privacy Policy

PB Tech vigorously protects the privacy of its clients. Toward this end:

  • We do not provide to third parties our email list, mailing list, or any other client data. We feel all information by clients to us should be kept confidential.
  • We immediately honor all client requests for removal from our email or postal mailing lists. Individuals wishing to unsubscribe need only to send an email to unsubscribe@pbtechtraining.com with their email or postal address.
  • All data submitted by clients to our Web site is kept strictly confidential, except for postings to our support forums, which are public (and the posting parties are made explicitly aware of this).
  • We honor all privacy requirements of any emailing or mailing lists we rent, provided those requirements are stricter than our own strict requirements.

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Webmaster.